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GLC Bikes Program

**GLC Bike lending is currently suspended due to the pandemic and GLC renovations.**

This program provides graduate students, their companions (one per student), and Graduate Life Center and Graduate School staff with an environmentally friendly, healthy option to run quick errands or exercise on and around campus.

Check Out Seasons and Start/Return Deadlines

  • Bikes are available for check out 30 minutes after the opening of the GLC every day.
  • Bikes must be returned by the deadline indicated in the schedule posted below or by the building closing time, whichever comes first.
  • Bikes are not available for check out when the GLC Welcome Center is closed.

Late returns

  • Returning the bike and key after the expiration of the four-hour lending period constitutes a late return.
  • Three late-returns will result in the loss of bike privileges for the offender for a period of three months.
Dates Check Out Start Return By
Oct 16-Feb 15
30 min. after GLC opening 
5:00 p.m.
Feb 16-Apr 15
30 min. after GLC opening 
6:00 p.m.
Apr 16-Jul 15
30 min. after GLC opening 
7:30 p.m.
Jul 16-Sept 15
30 min. after GLC opening 
6:30 p.m.
Sept 16-Oc 15
30 min. after GLC opening 
5:30 p.m.


Bike Size (in.)
Bike Size (cm.) Rider Height
1 Red 15" 38 cm. 5’2” and below  (≤ 158 cm.)
2 Blue 17.5" 44.5 cm. 5’2-5’4” (158-163 cm.)
3 Yellow 17.5" 44.5 cm. 5’2-5’4” (158-163 cm.)
4 Green 20" 51 cm. 5’5”-5’7” (165-170 cm.)
5 Purple 22.5" 57 cm. 5’8” and above (≥ 172 cm.)

Reservation and use

  • Five bikes are available for use on a first-come-first-served basis during published check-out hours.
  • Bikes may be checked out for up to four hours during daylight hours (start and end times are determined seasonally and by GLC building hours). Last check out is available up to one hour before the published return deadline. Bikes may not be checked out when the GLC is closed.
  • Bikes may be used for recreational purposes: to run errands; to get a workout; to enjoy the scenery on or near campus. Bikes may only be used on the road. Proper Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)-approved hand signals must be used when riding a bike on roadways.
  • A waiver must be signed prior to each use of a GLC bike. This waiver will be retained by the GLC Building Managers
  • To check out a bike, patrons must submit a valid photo ID at the GLC Welcome Center. In return for the photo ID, patrons are provided with a key to the lock to the selected (or available) bike.  Graduate students may check out a second bike for their companion, but responsibility for both bikes rests with the graduate student whose ID was used for the check out.  Helmets are not provided, nor required (though recommended).
  • Upon returning the bike, patrons must lock the bike to the bike rack in the designated area in front of the GLC (on Otey Street) and return the key to the GLC Welcome Center. The bike should be locked around the frame to the bike rack rather than around a tire or handlebar.

Damages, Loss and Injury

  • Patrons are responsible for all damage (beyond normal wear and tear), loss, or injury occurring during the checked-out period and may be billed for damages to the bike. 
  • Patrons must report to the GLC Welcome Center immediately upon return any theft of or damage to the bike or any of its parts
  • Patrons involved in an accident with the bike should contact Campus Police first, 231-6411 or 911 for emergencies, then notify the GLC Welcome Center, 231-0413.
  • Building management should report bike loss and damages in the GLC Night Report, and in an email to Director of Graduate Student Services. GSSO staff will follow up with appropriate parties.


  • Minor maintenance on tires and chains is performed by trained student Graduate School staff.
  • Regular maintenance and major repairs are performed by East Coasters, the supplier of the bikes.