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Reservation Policies for GLC Meeting Rooms



The following policies apply to reservations for Meeting Rooms A, B, C, D, and  F.

Authorized Events

Graduate students, graduate student organizations, faculty, and staff may reserve rooms for events and activities that support or are related to graduate education or graduate student life. Registered student organizations may reserve meeting rooms if their events involve graduate student participants, and if the reservation request is placed by an authorized graduate student contact (as established with Student Engagement and Campus Life’s Event Services Office).

Room Set-Up

Meeting rooms have a standard set-up, inventory of furniture and equipment that must not be removed from the rooms. Rooms must be reset to their standard configuration at the end of the event. Rearrangement fees will be billed to the event sponsor if rooms are not reset to their standard configuration.

Hours of Availability

Rooms are available for reservation 30 minutes after the building opens on days when the GLC is open to the public. Current graduate students may use the non-reservable spaces even when the building is closed; TV Lounge, Student Lounge, Computer Lab, Study Room, and Reading Room.

If your event requires access to the facility earlier than the regularly scheduled opening time, you may request Early Access for additional charges at least 30 days prior to your event date. Approval of your request is subject to staffing availability.

Room Access

Welcome Center staff will open reserved rooms when the event sponsor arrives, up to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the event. Each reservation includes a 15-minute pre-event set-up time and a 15-minute post-event clean-up time.


Equipment to connect laptops to the in-house computers or projectors are free of charge, and VGA cords are connected to the computer in each meeting room. If additional adaptors are needed, guests can check them out at the Welcome Center Desk from the Building Managers with their Hokie Passports.

Inventory and furniture requests beyond what is standard to the room will incur a charge. The Building Managers may honor last-minute equipment requests if equipment is available. Event sponsors will be billed for any associated rental charges.

Equipment Rental Fees


The meeting rooms are not available for seated catered meals. Light refreshments and foods such as sandwiches and pizza are permissible if they are self-catered or provided by one of the Graduate Life Center's two authorized caterers — Au Bon Pain and Personal Touch Catering. You must specify that you intend to serve food at the event when you place your reservation request. Charges will apply if excessive clean-up is necessary.


Event sponsors are responsible for the behavior of event attendees. Damages to property and equipment caused by event attendees will be the responsibility of the event sponsors.

Cancellations/Reservation Changes

Please report any changes or cancellations to your reservation at least 24 hours prior to your event by emailing or calling (540) 231-6500.

Missed Meeting Policy

Event sponsors who do not show up for their event in a reserved space three times may lose access privileges in the GLC.